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Anonymous: "broken heart? awe poor baby, i didn know it was a broken heart. well that changes absolutely nothing. you're here saying how your so angry with the world..? well im pretty sure the people in the bahamas that are getting destroyed by hurricane irene are questioning why them? and the starving kids in third world countries, they are worrying about when the next time they will be fed will be. So walk in their shoes, learn to appreciate life and a broken heart is better than an empty stomach."


fuck you bitch.

You think I don’t understand that other people obviously have a harder life than I do?

You’re a fucking idiot. I’m SURE that you’ve had things happen to you in your life that for YOUR life are hard to deal with. You’re right, I’m not a starving kid in Africa, and you’re right, I’m not about to have my country destroyed by a hurricane. But the things I’m going through right now (not only the broken heart so stfu) are difficult and an adjustment for MY life.

You don’t have to insinuate that I’m a heartless selfish bitch because that’s the FURTHEST thing from the truth you inconsiderate asshole and you’d know that if you actually knew me. And if you do know me, I think you should tell me who you are because I need to do a SERIOUS reevaluation of who my real friends are.

I had a moment of ANGER and I expressed my feelings on my tumblr, which as you’ve clearly proved to me is a place where I can’t do that anymore.

fuck you.

oh where you from? it must be heaven

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Clean&Clear Commercial Behind The Scenes

"That face of yours is a poem"

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Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you. Tyrion (Game of Thrones)

@camila_cabello: i am restless. things are calling me away. my hair is being pulled by the stars again”

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Every band has that one member who never says anything and looks like they’re 500% done with everyone’s shit